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Contact Person: Jessica Rotap
Event Details
Event Details
LIVEROOM is an intimate live music event, held at discreet venues across Shanghai. Each event features 3 surprise artists or bands carefully curated by one of Shanghai’s music tastemakers, presenting guests with a different show every time.


Music curated by Morgan Short

For the second edition of LIVEROOM, Morgan chose three acts primarily because he knows them and it was easiest. The acts will be performing as a husband-and-wife (pretty much) duo, so he thought the whole married couple thing might make for an interesting thematic thread through the whole event. Plus he thinks that they make interesting music and are representative of the newer sounds that are beginning to emerge out of Shanghai.

“Relationship Electronics” explores the way in which these couples interact along electronic music soundscapes presenting compositions of love, hate, boredom, compromise, and resignation.

Expect a challenging evening of blips, bleeps, drones, whirling noises, and buzzing things.


Each ticket includes 1 complimentary drink

RMB 120