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R U OK? Workshop

Together we are strong. A conversation could change a life.

Meaningful conversations with family, friends and work colleagues boost our wellbeing and happiness, helping us to feel supported and connected. We can all support someone who is struggling. By attending an R U OK? Workshop you will learn skills and gain confidence in asking someone “Are you ok?” and importantly, what to say and do when the reply is “No, I'm not ok”. Join us to understand the life-changing power of caring conversations and learn skills to promote them.

Food for Thought with Elizabeth Schieffelin / Helping Our Children Manage Anxiety with Dr. Nate Balfanz
Dr. Nate BalfanzErika Levesque

“Simple Hacks for Improved Well-being” – Erika Levesque
There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to well-being. Even though everyone has different needs, there are some universal hacks that can be incorporate into any daily routine to take back one’s health. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean making major changes. Come see how you can kickstart your wellness journey!

“Helping Our Children Manage Anxiety and Stress” – Dr. Nate Balfanz
Dr. Balfanz will address how we as parents can help our children with managing anxiety and stress as it relates to the various pressures of being a kid.  Dr. Balfanz will open with a 45 minute presentation followed by a Q and A period where parents can ask him questions related to the presentation, as well as general inquiries regarding how we can better support the mental well-being of our children.

  • Dr. Nate Balfanz (Senior Clinical Psychologist at American Medical Center)

    Dr. Nate Balfanz

    Senior Clinical Psychologist at American Medical Center
  • Erika Levesque

    Erika Levesque

Yoga for Self-Loving with Jade Qin / Where The Adults Listen with Monte Rosen

"Yoga for Self-Loving" - Jade Qin
A progressive (step by step) backend yoga practice to open our heart and to explore what is within. Stay open-hearted and allow the light to shine in, embrace yourself and embrace the world. *BYO yoga mat!

"Teen Panel: Where The Adults Listen" - Monte Rosen
Adults talk a lot to teens and about teens, but how often do we truly listen? How much do you know about teen life today in Shanghai? ELG co-founder and managing director Monte Rosen will be leading an 80 minute teen panel to get insight on what teen life is really like. He’ll ask about what their perspectives are on topics ranging from school to drugs to gaming and social media. Come with your questions, but leave the judgment and advice at home. This is your chance to listen and get the real picture about what your teens or students are facing today. You might be surprised!

  • Monte Rosen (Co-Founder and Managing Director of ELG)

    Monte Rosen

    Co-Founder and Managing Director of ELG
  • Jade Qin (Founder of Free Soul Yoga & Yogalover Group Shanghai)

    Jade Qin

    Founder of Free Soul Yoga & Yogalover Group Shanghai
The LGBTIQ Community: Q&A + Shanghai Love Notes with Gabby Gabriel / Wholehearted Living with Carrie Jones

Gabby Gabriel
1. “An Introduction to the LGBTIQ Community: Who are we? What questions do you have? How can you be more supportive?”
2. “Shanghai Love Notes: Resistance through Love”

“Wholehearted Living” – Carrie Jones
Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “I’ll be worthy when ____________” (fill in the blank with whatever your current goal is)?  Exceedingly high expectations, tremendous pressure, and patterns of perfectionism are by no means unique to Shanghai, but do seem to exist here in abundance for individuals of all ages and walks of life, whether students, parents, or professionals.   This workshop, based on the works of Brene Brown, offers an alternative way of living, free from the clutches of the relentless demands of unrealistic self-expectations.  Wholehearted living helps us escape from the trap of perfectionism and striving to be who we think we are supposed to be and focuses on realizing our worthiness now, as is.  Participants in this workshop will learn 10 guideposts to enable them to put wholehearted living into practice in their own lives.

  • Gabby Gabriel (Founder of LesQueers)

    Gabby Gabriel

    Founder of LesQueers
  • Carrie Jones (Director of Counseling at Community Center Shanghai)

    Carrie Jones

    Director of Counseling at Community Center Shanghai
After Party


9 AM - 12 PM
​R U OK? Workshop
13:00 -14:20
"Food for Thought: Eating and '​Omming' – Tips to Reduce Stress"
13:00 -14:20
"Helping Our Children Manage Anxiety and Stress"
14:30 -15:45
"Yoga for Self-Loving"
14:30 -15:45
"Teen Panel: Where the Adults Listen"
16:00 -17:20
1. "An Introduction to the LGBTIQ Community: Who are we? What questions do you have? How can you be more supportive?"
2. "Shanghai Love Notes: Resistance through Love"
16:00 -17:20
"Wholehearted Living"